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  • A History of Anti-semitism; Rabbi Julie's Fall Education Classes

A History of Anti-semitism; Rabbi Julie's Fall Education Classes

  • Sunday, December 11, 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
  • Zoom


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This overview will be based on the critically acclaimed book by Dara Horn, ""People Love Dead Jews," on anti-semitism in different historical eras. We read a novel by this author for One Book, One Congregation a few years ago. The series will build a foundation for addressing the threat of this moment in our state, with white nationalism on the rise, dangerously represented by several electoral candidates who have large followings.

As is her custom, Rabbi Julie will let us know her recommended reading from this book as we get closer to this series.

The book can be purchased online including audio, e-versions, hard copy and paperback copy, new and used. It should be available at your public library and can be bought at local bookstores near you.  Please consider supporting Philadelphia's independent, local bookstores such as Harriet's Bookshop or A Novel Idea.

There will be 3 sessions in this series, and you can attend any of then without having attended a previous one. This is the last session in this series.

Session 3
Sunday, Dec. 11, 2022 What to do about modern anti-semitism?In this final session of our series, we will address strategies to combat anti-semitism, ranging from armed guards to ensuring a thriving democracy that protects liberties and diversity. The reading assignment is to finish as much as you want of People Love Dead Jews while further exploring the questions for the whole series, repeated here (advanced resources and questions are further below):

Make note of how you feel when you hear about hate and violence directed towards Jews. 

Where in your body do you have these feelings? 

What thoughts arise first for you and do you agree with them?

How did your family teach you about this history? How have you taught your children, grandchildren, students, partners or community members about anti-semitism?

What do you see as the source of Jewish resilience and survival? 

For advanced further reading, please see these two links and the questions below:

1. Analysis of anti-semitism amongst Black Americans, discussing the perspective of brilliant Black American author James Baldwin.


2. Antisemitism Education, Training & Thought Leadership

In 2017 Jews For Racial and Economic Justice published the  Understanding Antisemitism paper. In 2021, they published Unraveling Antisemitism, a poster for discussion inspired by the paper.

Download the paper | Download the poster | Download discussion guide


What did you learn from these resources about anti-semitism amongst Black Americans?

How do racism and anti-semitism currently interact in our ccountry?

When we understand the analysis in these two articles, what should we do about it?

Leyv Ha-Ir members will be automatically sent the Zoom link for these. Guests are welcome and can register here to be sent the Zoom information. There is no charge for this program, although guests are encouraged to make a donation of $18.

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